BLADES2BUILD in University World News (UWN)

This time, BLADES2BUILD is mentioned in University World News (UWN) where the Universities participating in Horizon Europe research are the subject of attention.

“One of the Danish projects in this pillar is the BLADES2BUILD coordinated by Dr. Ana Teresa Lima at the DTU – Technical University of Denmark, which involves 14 partners across Europe. The project, valued at €15.5 million, investigates the re-use of windmill blades to secure the sustainable and circular production of wind energy and has attracted funding of €12.3 million from Horizon Europe.

Ana Teresa Lima told University World News that participation in Horizon Europe gave Danish researchers the opportunity to apply theoretical and experimental knowledge to current problems European society is facing.

“I think that we very often move out of our comfort zone – both in terms of knowledge but also in terms of collaborating partners – and this forces us to talk multidisciplinary to solve pressing environmental and societal problems,” she said.”